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Quality Speakers Online

Tips for Purchasing Quality Speakers Online

Quality speakers are the centerpiece of any audio setup. When purchasing speakers, it is important to seek advice and conduct research to ensure you buy something that fits your particular setup. This will save you from making a mistake in purchasing the wrong speaker for your setup or paying too much for a certain level of performance. A number of vital elements determine whether the speaker will be suitable for you. That’s why we have compiled some useful tips that will assist our customers when shopping for quality speakers online.

Sound Quality

The quality of a speaker’s sound is judged depending on personal preferences. That being said, what we strive for is speakers that are able to reproduce sound accurately, clearly and loudly.

When purchasing speakers or amplifiers online, a close look at the specifications can help to determine the kind of sound it has. Alternatively, if you are going to a physical shop, carry your favorite albums or tracks for testing. Take time before as you evaluate different types of speakers. Keep in mind that just because one speaker is more expensive than another doesn’t necessarily mean that it sounds better. Quality parts and sound engineering go a long way in ensuring a speaker will sound good.

Be Familiar With Different Types of Speakers

There are various types of speakers all suitable for different tasks: subwoofer, floor-standing, portable, in-wall, and line array among others. Some speakers have capabilities that are particularly suited to certain tasks such as subwoofers that are able to produce the lowest frequencies of sound. Moreover, some speakers will require special installation such as in-ceiling, in-wall speakers or even line arrays.

Line arrays can be arranged in such a fashion that allows the same speaker to be used to suit different circumstances whether it be for a small venue or a large arena. Simply attaching more or less of these speakers together forms an array (hence the name). This line array can be sized for any sized room. Using this configuration has many advantages such as simplified wiring and a cohesion of sound.

Acoustics and Rooms

Various speakers are suitable for different sized listening spaces. Bookshelf speakers like those from the TLF Reference Series are suitable for smaller rooms or nearfield listening situations. In these cases, a larger speaker might overwhelm the listening area causing needless reflections and distortion. Room material and dimensions may affect the kind of audio the speaker is going to produce. For this reason, it is important to size a system to the room in which it will be placed.

We Are Here to Help

When purchasing quality speakers online, all of the different options can be overwhelming. If any of this sounds confusing to you, we at The Loud Factory are here to help! Simply reach out to any of our experienced staff members and we will gladly guide you in the right direction. Whether it be questions about matching speakers to amplifiers or the number of line arrays you need for a certain space, our team is happy to assist you in order to make sure you find a solution that works for you.

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