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Our Lab Gruppen Clone Amplifiers (FP10000, FP14000 and FP20000Q)

The Loud Factory has over 30 years of combined experience in the field of Pro Audio engineering. Whether you’re interested in a TLF speaker or Lab Gruppen Clone Amplifiers, we simply have the best products on the market.

Keeping it Simple

Simply put, our FP series amplifiers (FP10000Q, FP14000, FP20000Q, FP30000Q) are “The Cadillacs” of Lab Gruppen Clone Amplifiers. Made with US made transistors and capacitors, our amplifiers are unlike any other Chinese clone manufacturer.  These Lab Gruppen clones are known to the world and we at the Loud Factory have made it our mission to take these amplifiers even a step further!  

We at the Loud Factory are happy to say our FP series amplifiers (FP10000Q, FP14000, FP20000Q, FP30000Q) stand head and shoulders above the competition, in both sound quality and performance. We also give you the flexibility to customize your FP series amplifiers (FP10000Q, FP14000, FP20000Q, FP30000Q) with various options!  30 amp plugs, different speaker connectors, etc…

The Various models

Here at the Loud Factory, we take great pride in our FP series amplifiers, the most stable and reliable choice on the market. All of our amplifiers are suitable for driving any type of speaker.

The variants within the FP series are differentiated by the number of channels, and their power output. The FP10000Q, FP20000Q, and FP30000Q are 4 channel amplifiers, while the FP14000 is 2 channels. The numbers in each model refer to the amount of power at 2 ohms when all the given channels are driven. So, for example, the FP10000Q carries 10,000 watts, FP14000 is 14,000 watts, and so on and so forth.

No matter which amplifier you purchase, however, you’ll be getting an excellent piece of audio equipment. All amplifiers are extensively tested before being shipped out, and rigorous quality control ensures that customers receive a powerful, stable amplifier with all the bells and whistles.

The ONLY supplier of the FP30000Q

We at the Loud Factory are the ONLY suppliers of the FP30000Q!  Much like our beastly FP20000Q the FP30000Q has 4 channels and will knock the socks off the most demanding rigs!  Delivering an unprecedented 30,000 watts the FP30000Q stands above the rest when it comes to pure power output!

Purchase an FP30000Q, FP20000Q, or any other option from our FP series, and we promise you’ll be satisfied. Our dedicated team will help with any system design questions you may have and can help you select the right power amplifier to fit any customer’s needs and budget. The Loud Factory offers all this and more, so browse our online store today for these exclusive products.

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