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JBL Clone Speakers

Get That Classic, Beloved Sound with Our JBL Clone Speakers

When you ask someone, “who makes the best speakers?”, you will often be told that JBL products are the best. It is certainly true that JBL has a long history of creating stable, powerful, high-quality speakers. Many people have a strong attachment to the original JBL lineup, and these speakers stand out as a high watermark for audiophiles even today.

That’s the inspiration behind our JBL clone speakers, which are meant to capture that classic, beloved sound. The Loud Factory’s clones are hailed as the best clones on the market, period. Vigorous testing has been done to ensure that they exhibit very similar sonic characteristics to all of the original JBL lineup.

To put that JBL power behind your line array speaker system, take a look at our VRX932LA and VRX932LAP models. If you’re in search of a classic JBL stage monitor, pick up our SRX712M. This was designed with one goal - build the lightest, smallest, loudest, clearest stage monitor possible while delivering strikingly professional appearance.

JBL clone speakers from The Loud Factory are a perfect match for the originals. Contact us today to learn more about the specs behind our sonic duplication technology or to purchase a clone of your own.

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