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Loud Factory

The Loud Factory Offers The Best In Sound

Not all speakers are created equal, so you always want to purchase from a manufacturer and distributor who knows what they’re doing. That’s why The Loud Factory has spent years building up a strong reputation for great audio equipment paired with impeccable service and fair prices.

Our high-quality products are subjected to rigorous testing and quality assurance, but they are also backed by our guarantees. Most of our products have a two year warranty covering a broad range of damages.

Our great after-sales service is always ready to help and answer any questions. We are a very knowledgeable team with a strong passion for everything audio. Any question you may have for us, we can find the answer and get back to you swiftly.

The Loud Factory has over 30 years of combined experience in the field of audio engineering. Whether you’re interested in a TLF speaker or Lab Gruppen Clone Amplifiers, we can not only provide those products but ensure you know everything about how to best use them. Visit our online store today for audio solutions you can rely on.

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