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When refined sound quality is introduced to precision craftsmanship you get the TLF Reference Series Speakers.


These speakers are ideal for individuals who love refined 2 channel music listening and also comes in a 5 channel package that delivers a second to none home theater experience that is guaranteed to impress!


Tech Specs:


Rated Impedance4Ohms 
Rated Power100Watts 
Long Term Power200Watts 
Power Handling10 - 200 Watts
Frequency Response40Hz - 20KHz
Crossover Frequency800Hz, 4000Hz 


Dimensions and sizes: 


UnitDriver DiameterVoice Coil DiameterMagnet DiameterMagnet Weight
Tweeter1 inch1.0 inch1.0 inch12.4g/0.44oz
Mids6.5 inch1.0 inch3.54 inch350g/12.4oz
Woofer6.5 inch1.2 inch3.94 inch613g/21.6oz





TLF Reference Series Speakers


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