Part of the TLF Reference series our most precise bookshelf speakers delivers refinement with a punch that leaves nothing left to be desired.


Technical Specifications:


Rated Impedance  6 Ohms
Rated Power 30Watts
Long Term Power 60Watts
Power Handling 20~60 Watts
Sensitivity 85dB±2dB
Frequency Response 60Hz~20KHz
Crossover Frequency 3000Hz


Unit Driver Diameter Voice Coil Diameter Magnet Diameter Magnet Weight Magnetic Shielding
Tweeter Φ1in/Φ25.4mm Φ25.4mm/Φ1.0in. Φ25.4mm/Φ1.0in. 12.4g/0.44oz YES
Woofer Φ5in./Φ147mm Φ25.5mm/Φ1.0in. Φ90mm/Φ3.54in. 467g/16.5oz NO



TLF Reference Series bookshelf